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*EACH OF THE BOOKS CONTAINS THE SAME LEGENDS (Adapted to three different styles)


Top Best Romantic Unexplained Mysteries Love Song!


Get exclusive access also to know the real people who lived the erotic events that inspired the legends!
Browse the real letters and recipes found in the attic of the house that originated the legends.

Legends And Recipes

“Romance, mystery and excellent cooking. Not only a cookbook, but a trip to “mystery, romance and secrets.” The discovery of a side Miami never seen before, with scores of pictures of people from the past who are surprising. Can be an addiction to anyone. Cookbook collection, with extraordinary recipes with a touch of sensuality and also easy to make. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Excellent!!!”
Jennifer Krueger
“My favorite cookbook so far, exciting, mysterious, the highest quality possible and different.”
Ashley Davis
“I enjoyed this book very much. The legends, the romances behind, the recipes, etc. I consider also that the incredible amount of extra high quality work this book has is a gift for the reader. Nothing like this in every way. Two thumbs up and 5 stars!”
Scotty A
“Absolutely tasty Miami side in every way. What a pleasant and enjoyable surprise while I never imagined a Miami like this, the book brings to me the evenings filled with emotion and warmth and the thrill of the romantic adventures that I never had any clue about. Besides that the recipes are super good and unusual.”
Darlene Ibanez
“A great book… even if you don’t cook. Beautiful romances, intrigue and interesting occult history come along with these great recipes. Most recipes are easy to use and is a delightful pleasure even read them only. I really recommend it!”
“I absolutely loved the legends as much as the recipes. I read the book cover to cover. The legends have mystery, bits of romance, surprise and were very touching for me. The recipes are amazing. I have tried quite a few of them and they became my favorites for special occasions when I want to surprise someone with an incredible dish, and in many cases I can make them quickly and with little work. I have to say that this book is one of my favorite ones.”

Burning Legends

It was terrific, intriguing looking at the photos and illustrations, reading the captions and scrolls and finding out the deep feelings that real people from the past had once. It transported me to another time and unveiled a world of sensuality that I never imagined. I enjoyed as I did with very few another books. I truly recommend it.”
“Great steamy sex scenes, and an engaging story line but also mystery, surprise and a lot of another elements and details that make this book absolutely extraordinary. I loved it!”
“It is bewitching, mysterious and sexy. It kept me turning the pages to discover what would be between the sheets on the next turn of the page. Even when this is not my genre, I found it delightful.”
Rolla Campbell
“Didn’t want it to end. The book is different for all the extras it has. The legends were unique and kept me wanting to read more. The scenes were steamy and the storylines absolutely enjoyable. I love the scene for the spoon with dessert over Richelle’s body. I’m glad that I got this book. I had to. Recommended!”
Late Night Kansas Reader
“This book is sexy, spicy, romantic, enchanting but it is also pleasant and intriguing looking at the photos of the real people who lived in the past and inspired these thrilling legends. I loved reading the details of the real people that inspired the legends. Another extra of this book are selected recipes to surprise someone special in a romantic dinner. It definitely worth to give the book a shot. It’s much more than another book. It was way much more than what I expected and I totally recommend it.”
Adam Tolliday
“This book has it all, and more. The legends have love, loss, pain, heat, mystification and secrets from the past. It is beautiful fusion with some of the dishes, with exquisite style.
This book is something like no other that I‘ve been seen. I totally love it and I recommend it to everyone with no doubt.”

Love Legends

“If this book had been 1000 pages long it still would have been too short for me. I did not want this book to end. I loved it that much. This book surpassed my expectations; there were details and an unusual component that kept me reading until the wee hours in the morning. I felt like I was watching a movie the entire time. The emotions were so intense, raw and passionate, the feelings so real. I couldn’t help being moved by the true love between Andres and Lana. Absolutely LOVED Cheyanne and Richelle’s connection! Sure makes me with the bonding thing existed in real life:) One of my favorite books this past year. Couldn’t put this down. Can’t wait for the next installment! Recommended!!!”
Amanda Wood
“Loved, loved, loved it. This book has become my favorite book. This book has become my favorite book. It is so easy to read I love every single character. Never been into these types of books but I couldn’t put this down. This book gave me hours of entertainment. The legends are not only exciting but pull the reader in loving the characters. This book has mythology completely unseen before, passionate love, mystery and intrigue, losses and surprise, lots of pictures, beautiful illustrations everywhere. Nothing else like this. I HIGHLY recommend this book!”
Strawberry bliss girl
“A great romance book. The plot is definitely easy to relate to and each moment seems to be more enticing than before. Besides the book opens the door to an ancient time of unexplainable mysteries came to life through real stories from the past, giving it an intriguing and mysterious touch. Neither to say that the artistic graphic design is delightful all through the book, cover to cover. The book is exceptional. It definitely worth the buy and even more.”
Deborah Pedersen
“It is completely enjoyable and entertaining book. I was absolutely intrigued by this book and I could not stop reading! It is honestly one of the best books I have had in a very long time!”
Veronica Garcia
” I love it! Different and exciting! These are amazing romantic stories. This book could take me away from the busy, stress life to a world of exciting sensations and mysteries.”
“It fills the void for those of us who miss Twilight. The characters and story are so engaging and magical at the same time. It transported me to another time and deep feeling of love and excitement. I couldn’t believe how quickly I whipped through the book. Please hurry up and release book of legends two!”
Myra Ramsey